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Legerdemain ~ FrostIron
Chapter 1 - Haunted By The Thought Of You
Legerdemain (n)
1. sleight of hand.
2. trickery; deception.
3. any skillful, artful trick.

Tony stood with his hands on either side of the counter, cold water running down the drain. He cupped his hands underneath it, ignoring the shock of the iciness hitting his skin as he splashed it against his face. He gasped for air, reaching to the side for a towel as he looked up at his reflection in the mirror.
Loki stood behind him, grinning. Tony stood straighter, taking a deep breath. He wasn't scared this time and he didn't jump. He stared at the reflection for a moment and then cast a glance over his shoulder. He was alone in the bathroom. Of course he was. When he looked back to the mirror there was only him.
"I've got the CT scan results!" Pepper shouted from the other room.
"Yeah." Tony called back, drying off his face with the towel.
The first time he'd seen Loki was two days ago in the reflection of his Iron Man suit. Since then
:iconteadancemacabre:TeaDanceMacabre 3 2
Maleficent and Diablo by TeaDanceMacabre
Mature content
Maleficent and Diablo :iconteadancemacabre:TeaDanceMacabre 0 8
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Mature content
Tea Dance Macabre :iconteadancemacabre:TeaDanceMacabre 0 0
Rosaire by TeaDanceMacabre Rosaire :iconteadancemacabre:TeaDanceMacabre 0 0
My Depression Stole My Name
You are cruel.
You look just like me - except you're in black and white with a fierce grin. You're taller than I am and you loom over me. You drug my tea to make me sleepy. You stand on me while I sleep so I wake up in pain. You inject me full of adrenaline whenever there's something I want to do, so my fight or flight instinct kicks in. You know I'll flee back to the safety of my room. I'd starve because of you.
When people speak to me you choke me and whisper your cruel words in my ear. If I look outside you draw the curtains. You found the picture I drew – 'My Future' – and you scribbled all over it.
I created thoughts and ideas that you couldn't see, characters and dreams, my own fictional stories. You couldn't control them, they were mine.
It had always been that way.
But you went too far. You broke my legs and I had to drug us both, to keep you quiet so that I could walk again.
But now I put my fingers to the keys, to write my stories and escape, but I find that they're
:iconteadancemacabre:TeaDanceMacabre 0 7
Almost Lost You
You idiot.
You bastard.
You wanking fucking cunt.
You turned my world upside down today. That has never happened before.
You, mischievous, love to play chase. When I chase, you run faster. If I don't you act out, misbehave, seek my attention.
And I, foolish, forgot your treats. The failsafe. You were excited we got to play today. You stupid creature.
You ran and I chased. You wouldn't stop. Wouldn't come. Wouldn't stay. You were so happy you ran until you were out of sight. I swerved between strangers and their prams, cooing children shouting 'look!'
And that's when you did it. That's when you turned everything rotten, swapped my eyes for dirty thick lenses.
You bolted across the main road. You swerved the cars to reach the grassy verge on the other side. Something inside me broke. I felt it shatter. Something plummeted to the bottom of my body. My heart hammered and everything changed to a haze. A blur. What did you do to my eyes?
My brain was whirring. Inside I was doing the math. I
:iconteadancemacabre:TeaDanceMacabre 1 0
Your Body
I've never liked piercings
but yours work well.
The smoothness of your skin always catches my breath,
the way it stretched tightly around your skeleton,
defined your shape,
they say fitted shirts do wonders.
But your unusual tattoo…
Yes, as appealing as it is, it would look better on me;
bedroom floors are so cliché.
Wrap yourself around me.
Silent and warm.
So, so warm.
I'm amazed at how well you hold yourself together;
how well you comfort me.
Baby, didn't you guess?
I just wanted you for your body.
:iconteadancemacabre:TeaDanceMacabre 0 0
It will hurt.
I'll regret it as soon as I feel it.
But I need it.
Butterflies are for children.
I have a cavity in my chest
Filled with hornets and maggots and roaches
It buzzes and tickles and squirms.
They're ever-present.
Years have passed and they've only bred
Feeding off my misfortune
Never dying.
It will hurt.
I'll regret it as soon as I feel it.
But I need it.
So take that power drill darling,
And ease the pressure from my chest.
Break through my ribs
Crack them, splinter, do it right
Shred, mangle, drill me open
My flesh, my organs, my bones
Push, burst, purge
Let the plague bleed out.
And when you've finished-
When the swarm is dead-
Can I finally breathe?
:iconteadancemacabre:TeaDanceMacabre 1 4



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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Sitting comfortably between reality and escapism.
So eating ice cream before bed every night often gives me really violent, fucked up nightmares. But in the light of day they really intrigue me. And I kinda feel like documenting them. My last ones helped me write a fabulous torture scene that was way too horrific to imagine myself (at least consciously) :D so it's a good thing to keep a record of these ^^

And hey, other people might find them interesting too. Perhaps.

Oooh last night was a good one. I've noticed Humbug (my dog) has learned to tell when I have nightmares and when they get really bad he snuggles under the covers with me and then when I'm okay he goes back to the foot of the bed. It really helps feeling him there though ^^

Anyway, so I was running up a hill and coming down at me was a huge army in red and blue. I couldn't see any faces, they were all wearing armor - unlike me, I just had an axe. And when I say an army - I mean in the thousands. But I was doing a pretty good job at hacking them all up - but then some of them ran past me and came at me from behind and I realised there was no way I could fight them all from every angle. But I saw an opening, the edge of the cliff was quite steep and I didn't know if it would kill me or not but I decided to take the risk.

In true video game style, running off the side of the hill acted like a glitch and even though I wasn't dead, it was like game over anyway. And the leader of the army came up to me and asked me why I did it and I told her that I didn't have a choice and she said I should have kept going and I realised that she truly thought I'd stood a chance, and maybe I had. But it was too late, I was deaded.

So then they put me in a coffin. And I could see everything but I couldn't move. It was a tight fit. And they put the lid over me and there were two spiders on it, right above my face. And I remember thinking how much I wished someone had swept them away because they were going to crawl on my face and I wouldn't be able to brush them away. Then I started freaking out because I really didn't want to be dead.

And then Humbug came and cuddled up with me and made it all okay ^^

So there you go, being completely paralysed and presumed dead then put in a coffin is not very nice. In case you were thinking of trying it :lmao:
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